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The last event in this rolling exhibition:
The Exhibition shows from 18 August - 15 October 2014.

Viewing times Monday - Friday 9:30am - 4:30pm.
Venue: The Indian Community Centre Association,
99 Hucknall Road, Carrington, Nottingham NG5 1FA

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I’m a British Armed Forces Veteran.  I was ignorant of the fact that I had contracted Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) during the course of my duties at the age of nineteen in 1983.  Our trade wasn’t screened for PTSD when I left the Armed Forces in 1985.

It was another twelve years before a diagnosis was made, following a serious Road Traffic Accident that I was lucky to survive.  I can only describe that twelve year period as ‘Hell’.

PTSD can be very debilitating and I was eventually retired on ill health in 2006.  I have worked on three things since then:


I’ve been taking photographs with an SLR camera since 1981.  It was my way of relaxing when I was off duty in the Royal Air Force.  In 2006 I realised just how much of an important coping mechanism photography is for me.

It gives my life purpose and helps me to be able to leave the confines of my home and venture out alone.

These exhibitions use poetry to show the contrast between the pain and torment that I experience with PTSD and the powerful healing medicine of nature, through photography. 

Photography became my therapy and enabled me to connect with the Earth in a very deep way.  I’ve been lucky enough to see some wonderful sights.

The two exhibitions are:
Living with PTSD
Intimacy with Plants
(Please click on either of the links above to find out more about each exhibition)

To demonstrate the use of creative therapies as a coping mechanism for PTSD.

To educate disabled artists about their Intellectual Property rights (via leaflets and my website).

To raise awareness of the condition, PTSD, so that people can recognise the symptoms and seek appropriate help.

To hold workshops during the course of the exhibitions:


To provide signposting for people seeking support or treatment related to PTSD.

Booking the exhibitions for your venue
If you'd like to book either of the exhibitions for your venue (including educational establishements) - please email: wolf (at) wolf-photography.com. Please see the table below to avoid conflicting dates. The smaller exhibition, 'Intimacy with Plants', can be shipped to venues abroad with hanging instructions but your company will have to pay the carriage. You will have to insure it against loss and damage and ensure that it is returned promptly or passed onto the next venue ready for displaying. There is no charge for the hire of either of these exhibitions as this is an awareness raising exercise.

How you can help
If you are involved in PR work and would like to volunteer some time towards raising more awareness of this project, please email me on wolf (at) wolf-photography.com.

Please keep sharing any news updates and other information about the exhibition via facebook (www.facebook.com/Wolf.Photographer) Google+ (google.com/+Wolf-photography)and Twitter (wolf_photo).

If you have purchased and enjoyed any of my books, please write a review on the appropriate site pages and copy them to the Facebook, Waterstones and Amazon pages relating to the titles. My books are entitled:
Words of a Wolf - Poetry of a Veteran
The Way of the Wolf - Poetry of a Veteran
Soul of a Wolf - Poetry of a Veteran
SnowMoon Wolf's Guide to Self-Publishing

Living with PTSD - Journey of a Veteran

How I can help your Company/Organisation
If you would like to book an awareness session re PTSD for your workforce or customer service team, please drop me an email on wolf (at) wolf-photography.com. There is no charge for this service but you will be asked to cover reasonable expenses (travel, food etc).

If you would like to book a talk on photography and how to safeguard your Intellectual Property for a club, educational establishment or other organisation, they are also free and can be booked as above.

You can read some of the comments about my exhibition by clicking here.

Please note that this is a rolling exhibition and that I'm seeking other venues that are willing to house the exhibition for a month in other parts of the UK. I'm not charging anything for the hire of the exhibition.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope I can rely on your support.

Villayat ‘SnowMoon Wolf’ Sunkmanitu