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Established in 2002, Wolf Photography is a stock image library covering a wide range of subjects and also holds collections of Limited Edition Prints as well. Stock photographs are available for website usage, publicity and books and magazine licensing. The Art work is Limited Editions to 50 copies per image and printed on canvas.

You can also license images for blogs at a special rate of £5 per image for one use. See services for more information.


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Villayat 'SnowMoon Wolf' Sunkmanitu, LRPS, Freelance Photographer.
Member of the GNS Press Association - European News Agency - International News Service
and The Royal Photographic Society.


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 Established in 2002, Wolf  Photography is a Not-For-Profit  with the following aims:

 To raise awareness of Post  Traumatic Stress Disorder

 To promote creativity as a coping  mechanism for

 To educate artists on how  to  protect their Intellectual  Property  rights

 The project is self funded through  the sale of books &  prints.

 SnowMoon Wolf is the publishing  wing of the project.

 Meiyo Karate club emphasises  helping people with stress issues  to cope with their daily
 lives, as well as teaching them  how to defend themselves.

Living with PTSD Respect IP

Meiyo Karate Club
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