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DAN (Disabled Artists' Network)

DAN is a continuation of Wolf Photography's project 'Living with PTSD' which was a series of exhibitions and workshops funded by Arts Council England and The National Lottery. You can find out more about the former exhibition and activities on

DAN is run by Wolf Photography, a company that promotes creativity as a coping mechanism for disability. 


Tesco Bulwell Extra have kindly allowed me to use part of their store as an exhibition and activities venue for this project.  DAN has been setup to enable disabled and non-disabled artists to exhibit their art and share their experience of how creativity has either helped them cope with disability or enriched their lives and provided a sense of well being.  Disabled artists will not be charged any money to exhibit with DAN.  There is no charge to exhibit with DAN. We also hold weekly get-togethers for the different groups involved every Friday evening at Tesco Bulwell Extra from 7:30pm - 9:30pm in the Community Room.

Once you have completed your application pack, you will be contacted and invited to exhibit with the project if your work compliments the ambience and the aims of the project.


The DAN, WIPE and WPICC exhibition venue at Tesco Bulwell Extra

DAN Tesco Bulwell Extra, Nottingham

To provide online resources for artists
To evidence creativity as a coping mechanism for disability or to provide a sense of well-being
To raise awareness of disabilities, particularly mental health
And to fight the stigma people with disabiities face, particulary those with invisible wounds.


If you are interested in exhibiting with this project please do the following:

Please click here to download the application form:
Pdf file version
Word document

Please email your application information to the address on the document. You can attach images of the signed contract with images of your art work. Your statement must be as text in the email so that it can be copied and pasted for the exhibition statements.

To join the group on Facebook, please make contact via the business page: Please be aware that the DAN group page is only for artists that are exhibiting their work at the venue.

Pop in and check out the venue at Tesco Bulwell Extra, Jennison Street, Nottingham NG6 8EQ.

The centre is conveniently situated with easy public transportation links and free on-site parking. There is also a Cafe on site.

Opening Hours: Monday - Saturday 7am - 11pm. Sunday 11am - 5pm (times change for public holidays).


There are also opportunities for artists, poets and photographers to meet up socially or to gain some 1-1 mentorship for free at Tesco Bulwell Extra. These meet ups take place every Friday evening in the Community Room at the store. Ask the staff for help if you can't find the room. The area is wheelchair accessible.



Exhibition Costs

There is no charge to exhibit with DAN. Applicants must provide a written narrative on how creativity helps them to cope with disability or has provided a sense of well being (for non-disabled people) as part of their exhibition (maximum 1 sheet of A4 - font size 14). Please be aware that you do not have to make your art available for sale. The main focus is on sharing your vision - not selling it.

Should you sell your art via the exhibitions with us, we hope that you'll make a voluntary contribution towards the project. Funds raised from this joint venture will go towards running this project in the long term, as well as raising awareness of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and promoting creativity as a coping mechanism for disability.

To arrange a consultation, please contact 'Wolf' Sunkmanitu direct on 07971 99 77 10 or email wolf (at)

If you would like to donate to the cause, please buy a book, print or cards from


DAN Sponsors



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