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DAN (Disabled Artists' Network)

DAN was a continuation of Wolf Photography's project 'Living with PTSD' which was a series of exhibitions and workshops funded by Arts Council England and The National Lottery. You can find out more about the former exhibition and activities on

DAN was run by Wolf Photography, a company that promotes creativity as a coping mechanism for disability from 2015 to 2024. The project has now closed down.

Project Purpose was
To provide online resources for artists
To evidence creativity as a coping mechanism for disability or to provide a sense of well-being
To raise awareness of disabilities, particularly mental health
To fight the stigma people with disabiities face, particulary those with invisible wounds
To help disabled and non-disabled artists establish a track record as exhibitors in order to develop a career in the Arts


I would like to thank al the artists that took part in the project and all the volunteers and companies that supported me over the years. 

All the best

Villayat ‘Wolf’ Sunkmanitu

Proprietor – Wolf Photography