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The Wolf Photography International Camera Club is open to people of any age and any ability. I advise that people under the age of 18 do so with their parent(s)' knowledge and consent.

The club submits images on Facebook for 'fun'! Every 2 months a theme is set and people can submit specific images for inclusion in the camera club's exhibitions. We also have the facility for informal meetings at Tesco Bulwell Extra, Jennison Street, Nottingham NG6 8EQ. It's a chance to get to know other photographers, learn about issues surrounding photography (eg image editing, Intellectual Property issues, making backups etc) and to have a chat - about anything!

Here's the Facebook page link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/WPICC/

Group Rules
I'm looking for people that want to exhibit their photography with my project. You don't have to have a disability to be a part of WPICC - you just have to be a photographer - of any ability.

Please ensure that you do not disclose locations of nesting sites when tagging images; especially Schedule 1 protected species. If in doubt, contact a group admin. If you're a wildlife photographer, disable auto GPS features on your camera or information can be automatically picked up via the metadata embedded in your image.

The theme for the exhibitions will be pinned posts. Posting requirements: we want active members only. You must post 1 image per month or you will be automatically removed. Using images from your archives is acceptable ... but we'd like to see your current creations too.

You're not restricted to the exhibition them, post what you like. No porn though please!

Please remember that the object is to help others, this isn't an elitist group. So please encourage your group mates. Also, please be aware that this is an International Camera Club and that some people may have problems understanding some of the English that we use locally.

What are you waiting for - start adding your images!

Usual rules of this sort of group - no abuse, support each other and only post your own photographs. Please don't share anything from this page without permission of the image owner. Please don't post anything about other sites here - competitions etc and do not 'share' images from other people's posts.

By submitting images to the group, you are permitting me to exhibit your images at the project exhibition venues. 

All rights are reserved by the creator of the images, the only other right you give me is to share images used in the exhibitions to promote the group and its aims.

Anyone wishing to purchase any of your images online will be referred back to you. If you'd like a guide on pricing, you can get an idea from my website (www.wolf-photography.com).

DO NOT CRITIQUE IMAGES unless this has been requested. If you would like your image(s) critiqued or would like helps on certain aspects of photography, please state that under your post.

If you apply to the group and there is no evidence of your photography on your profile, you will be contacted for verification, so please check your Facebook junk mail folder. If you don't respond, your application will be rejected. We do this to protect the group members' Intellectual Property rights and personal security.


Camera Club Exhibitions

Exhibition 1 - Nature

Exhibition 2 - Black & White

Exhibition 4 - Something Different

Exhibition 5 - Winter


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