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Welcome to WIPE - Wolf International Poetry Exhibition.

This group welcomes poets that write in the English language from any country around the world. Simply log on to Facebook and ask to join the group at this adress: https://www.facebook.com/groups/WIPEG/.

Exhibitions change every 2 months. There is no theme, just write about you're feeling and submit it.

If you'd like help on how to format your poetry for these exhibitions, please contact an admin via Facebook.

You are also welcome to come to come and join our informal get-togethers at Tesco Bulwell Extra. I'm in the process of setting up group events there.


Group Rules
This is a group for people contributing poetry to the 'Wolf International Poetry Exhibition'. 

Submissions from any country are invited but the poem must be in English. 

Please read this post before submitting your poetry as posts not following the guidelines will be deleted. Your poem will be exhibited at venues tied in with this project.

All poems submitted must be in TEXT - please do NOT submit images of poems, or share posts from elsewhere - and only as follows:

You must own the rights to all submitted work.
Your poem MUST use the following layout:
1 sheet of A4
Font Size 14

Poem title

Your poem (Captial letters on new lines unless it's a continuation),
Your poem,
Your poem,
Your poem,
Your poem.

©Copyright Your name

Successful applicants will have their poems displayed on the wall and will be given the opportunity to have their poem published in an online book to support this project.

Keep adding new poems whenever you feel like it. However, people that don't contribute any poetry will be removed as this is an active exhibition group.

Please remember that this project is run by people with disabilities. We work hard to keep the exhibition venue alive with your valuable content - but we have to minimise our workload in order to facilitate the different exhibitions at the venue. This is why the guidelines are stringent.

Wolves are regarded by some Native American (or First Nations) as Protectors, Teachers and Pathfinders. A lot of those attributes can be found in poets. Our words help people to learn about life, provide support in moments of isolation and help us to process our own emotions. A poem is a journey within - and we never know what we'll find.

Villayat 'Wolf' Sunkmanitu

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