Book Reviews for 'Living with PTSD - Journey of a Veteran'

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Living with PTSD - Journey of a Veteran


Kindle released on 7 June 2012
Published by 'SnowMoon Wolf'
Paperback ISBN: 9780956488541
88 pages
Amazon Kindle details ASIN:B00G967VN8
Language: English UK

Customer Reviews

25 Oct 2014


This was a book that I truly enjoyed that focused on a veteran and his personal battle with PTSD. My husband is a veteran and when he was done with his service, he suffered from PTSD. It was hard for me to understand what he was going through and I figured that this book would keep me in touch with PTSD. This book is extremely helpful for anyone who is suffering from PTSD. I think it's misunderstood in society what these veterans are going through after their service is up. Many people don't understand and I think this book is a helpful tool in understanding what they are going through. I also passed the book along to my husband, who has found the tips to be helpful so far. I think one of the most unique and brilliant thing about this book is the usage of pictures. The pictures are brilliant and as a visual learner, they helped me stay tuned into the books. The poetry is also fantastic in this book and very gripping. I honestly thought that I would never be able to understand PTSD and what my husband is going through, but this book has really helped me along in coming to an understanding. I would honestly recommend this book to anyone who is battling PTSD or if you know someone who is. The book is well-written and the author understands what PTSD is and how to deal with it. I'm so thankful for the author and how willing he is to share his personal story. This is a must read.

5 out of 5

13 Oct 2014

PTSD Help for Veterans and their Families

This is a powerful book on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD. Not only does it provide common sense help to veterans living with PTSD and how to go about getting help for it, but it also gives some insight for those who have loved ones dealing with PTSD. SnowMoon Wolf provides personal experiences that further impact the assistance and insight he writes about in the book. The poems and photography included in the book are haunting and beautiful. They were all part of an exhibit and it would have been wonderful to see the images included in the book live and in person.

5 out of 5

John Willett

29 Jul 2014


Living with PTSD is a well written easy to read book encapsulating the essence of the trials and tribulations relating to PTSD . This shines through in the authors poems and script. An enlightening read about a misunderstood affliction

5 out of 5
JD Cotten

30 Dec 2013

Continued excellence from Wolf Sunkmanitu

I have read all of Wolf's poetry books and this compilation is as moving and insightful as previous volumes. PTSD is a problem that millions suffer with and the bravery it takes for Wolf to shine a light on his own suffering in the hopes that he can help others is astounding.
Well worth the read.

5 out of 5