Wolf Photography International Camera Club - WPICC








To apply to join, please go to https://www.facebook.com/groups/WPICC. You will need to answer the 3 questions on the application process and agree to the group's rules. If you can't see the questions and agree to the group's rules, please contact me direct on: https://www.facebook.com/Wolf.Photographer/.

If you don't follow the process above, your application won't be accepted.

This is a group for people contributing photography to the 'Wolf Photography International Camera Club'. To keep your membership active, you must post a minimum of 1 image a month. Photo-bombing is discouraged. Posting images from your archives is perfectly acceptable.

Images that receive 10 likes and 3 comments will be displayed - so you need to be actively supporting other members by voting for them.

Feel free to get tips off each other and share knowledge on how to take certain types of photographs. Please do not critique images unless asked for by the owner of the image. Please don't upload an image unless you took it. If you'd like to start a discussion related to any aspect of photography or disability - please feel free. Some members arrange joint trips and go and photograph various subjects together locally and internationally.

If a member of the public would like to buy a copy of your image, we will let you know and provide their contact details for you to arrange the sale.

Exhibiting with DAN as an Individual Photographer

If you would like to exhibit with DAN as an individual photographer, please click 'Apply' to the left and submit your idea as per the guidelines.

You will need to demostrate the basics of photography in your application: knowing your camera settings, appropriate depth of field, appropriate speed setting, controlling the light, good composition, appropriate ISO etc.

Shots on Automatic mode aren't permitted. The set must be cohesive but not repetetive (eg 9 shots of the same subject within the same timeframe - shooting on burst mode) Composites are permitted. Please state the camera model(s) used. The images above demonstrate the ability to work with different equipment in different conditions but is not a cohesive set.

Drone images are welcome and we also exhibit small videos (landscape format mainly but can also exhibit portrait via the camera club screens) that are 1 minute in length, without sound and 1080P resolution.

Images must be at least 2,000 pixels on the longest side. The images above demostrate different disciplines within photography but wouldn't be a cohesive set for exhibition purposes.

Intellectual Property Rights
All images remain the Intellectual Property of the applicant. By submitting the images you are authorising Wolf Photography to exhibit your art at our venue and on the project website and to use your images to publicise the work of the project (all such uses will be credited to the owner).