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Poems included in the March 2018 Exhibition Round.


The Moth And I

Nine forty-five and the garden is still alive,
I see a flutter of a moth as it passed through the diamond shaped fence,
Passing the green tomato plant hanging,
From Herb’s cane frame.
As I look above the trees and down to the unfinished garden space,
A dragon fly is hovering in and around,
It takes flight and disappears over the brown painted fence,
Placed there a year ago.
My hands are not sore anymore.
I close my eyes and a siren blurts out its ever-protruding noise.
That does not bother me no more,
For in this garden, a stillness of perfection lures me in to see once again,
A moth that flutters by. 

©Copyright P A Carruthers



An Insight Into PTSD!

An Insight into PTSD!
To warn – it’s of pain! 
Every day for me,
Tears like rain!

The taste?
The stench of blood! 
The loss and waste, 
Hoping we did some good!

Reliving that day! 
The smell of guts! 
They found a way! 
An IED in a road rut!

Threw the Jeep!
I Don't remember it all.
To them our life was cheap!
But we were on the ball!

I saved just one!
But lost a further three! 
They are just... GONE!!
I'm Left with the memory!!

©Copyright Jason Walker



The Visitor

I don't always wear make-up,
So my face is 'naturelle',
Though it only takes five minutes,
Today's a race against the bell.
A visitor is coming,
And still I've got to dress,
The question is 'What shall I wear?'
Oh dear - I'm in distress!
Decisions are a problem -
As I never can decide, 
So I put my favourite outfit on,
And then relax inside.
I have spare time - my face is next,
'O joy!' - my guest is late!
The doorbell rings - I am at ease,
Now for coffee and some cake!

© Copyright Julie Genner



Broken Hearts

Thoughts run wild like a pack of wolves searching for moon light,
In the night, broken hearts attempt to mend the beat. 
We seek what we do not know, not knowing how to speak.
Incomplete without the love, that makes us feel so weak.
Emotions flow deep, the ocean bed be where they rest,
In the chest, broken hearts attempt to mend the beat.
The peak of the alps, seems not so steep.
When we leap into the love, that makes us feel complete.

©Copyright Jamahl Peterkin




I think I’ve changed inside, 
I don’t love the way I did, 
My feelings have mutated, 
Tragic memories I’ve hid.
I think I’ve changed inside, 
I’ve become someone new, 
Rearranged my emotions, 
What were many, are now few.
I know I’ve changed inside, 
Darkness over light, 
Hardened my inner core,
To make everything right.
I know I’ve changed inside,
To make it easier to move on, 
Severed all emotional ties, 
To pinpoint the pro from the con.
I’m scared I’ve changed inside, 
Will I ever again be me?
Will I ever truly love again? 
Will I ever be set free?

@Copyright M Harley



Credo of the corrupt

If I pay you a shilling,
Will you vote the right way for me?
Will you turn your back on your family and friends,
For this private little bounty?
Will you partake in your private greed,
And destroy the unity ...
Of every man, woman and child,
Living in abject poverty?

©Copyright Villayat Sunkmanitu



Did you think to help at all? (By-standers)

Did you see me?
Did you see me stumble?
Did you see me crash face down onto the floor?
Did you see me stand back tall?
Did you think to help at all?

Did you hear me?
Did you hear me cry?
Did you hear me lose my mind?
Did you hear me collect my thoughts?
Did you think to help at all?

Did you feel me?
Did you feel my pain?
Did you feel my heart shatter and break?
Did you feel me grieve?
Did you think to help at all?

Did you touch me?
Did you touch my hand?
Did you touch my cheek as I screamed inside?
Did you touch my healing soul?
Did you think to help at all?

Did you taste me?
Did you taste the bitter sweet?
Did you taste the sorrow rip through Me?
Did you taste the strength to Still stand tall to face the world?
Did you think to help at all?

Did you smell me?
Did you smell the stench?
Did you smell the infection, growing, festering, spreading?
Did you smell the healing flesh?
Did you think to help or stand and record?

©Copyright Yasmine Hussain



Keep The Faith

 Keep the faith they say, 
Keep the faith.
Easier said than done,
When life throws rocks at you.
Rocks hurt,
They damage our skin,
They scar our hearts,
And it's so hard to smile,
When rocks are raining down.
When you're buried,
Gasping for breath, 
Beneath the mountain,
Of rocks that fall.
As you inhale one last time,
You hear them again...
Keep the faith they say,
Keep the faith.
Keep the faith.
Too late.

©Copyright Rachel Hobson




Yes love, 
Not mere play of flesh, 
Or the lustrous attraction and reaction, 
No the volatile eruption of emotions, 
To quench the hunger, 
The lust of carcass for play of flesh.
Yes love, 
The intellectual state of minds, souls and hearts. 
The journey of becoming the shadows of life's life. 
The metaphor of mutual understanding, respect and pride. 
The unconditional sacrifice, selflessly devoted and determined. 
Love, the medicine and healer of all wounds. 
The reason for unbound smiles, 
Casts the grim conditions, aside. 
These touchstone paves the way to experience, the divine. 
Love, the bliss and mirth of two bodies sole soul. 
The elope of Nectar and origin, 
The spiritual meeting of sun and moon, 
When all parallel symmetrise, 
That is called love, the sublime.

©Copyright Ritesh Kr Singh



Millennial Slavery

You can't build a society without people,
You can't run a business without workers,
You can't build for the future without education,
You can't care for the rich, ignoring the poor.

Everything needs to be balanced,
Everything needs to be fair,
Everything needs to be accessible,
If you want our nation to prosper.

You can't create division by our colour,
You can't restrict us if we can't walk,
You can't tell us who to pray to,
You can't tell us who we should love.

Everyone needs to be open,
Everyone needs to tolerate differences,
Everyone needs to see beyond division,
If you want our nation to prosper.

You can't still see us as slaves,
You can't ignore our reasonable wants,
You can't keep robbing our collective coffers,
You can't keep breaking laws.

The workers outnumber the bosses,
The workers provide you with wealth,
The workers own the money you squander,
It's time for the power to come back here.

©Copyright Villayat Sunkmanitu



Hazy day

Another hazy day,
Just waking up,
Burnt, black toast,
Chipped coffee cups.

In other rooms,
The sunlight lays,
Across the silent forms,
Of sleeping babes.

And in the garden,
The pale blue sky,
The sun is shining,
As the Aeroplanes fly.

A breath of fresh air,
As nature now calls,
A folded out chair,
Against a crumbling brick wall.

As cats wander round, 
To find a strip of sun,
Their hazy days,
Are never really done.

And in the early night time,
With the door ajar,
The bats are flying around,
But they're not getting very far.

As the sky now drops dark,
And the moon starts to wane,
These long hazy days,
We'll hopefully see again.

©Copyright Steven Michael Pape



Nobody Wins

Amidst war, 
Nobody wins 
The jagged claw, 
Of others’ sins.

Who is right? 
I'm not wrong! 
Stand and fight, 
Choose your Song!

Why do we go, 
All of the lies?
Just to show, 
A medal that ties?

Into the mire, 
Again and again. 
Weep as I tire, 
Of emotional pain.

Who pays the bill?
Or counts the cost?
Of the list to fill, 
Of loved ones lost?

©Copyright Jason Walker




Nostalgic golden sunny day,
I want to hold you in my hands,
Before the twilight waves of grey.
Dissolve my shadow in the sand,
When dreamers opens starlit eyes,
Into infinity asleep in endless blue.

Wild heart, you're so in love with life -
Is life in love with you?

Last rays of sunset were burning swords inside,
And now the day has died.

Under the wings of silent owls,
Time is moving softly, slowly,
In endless fields of stars...
Candles are dreaming about wind in cages,
While poetry is marking midnight pages,
With silver moons of scars.

©Copyright Ieva Rasmussen



Lovers' Race

You fell in love with me,
A little bit too fast, 
A little bit too soon.
You were running, 
And I could never quite catch up.

Suddenly you slowed down.
By the time I finally got closer to you,
You turned around and walked away.
When you passed me by you looked defeated.
You left me confused and wondering which race I was running.

Maybe I fell in love with you,
A little bit too slow, 
A little bit too late.
I raises my white flag, 
Out of breath, and said we needed to talk.

It was already clear, nobody won.
Motivation was lost, 
Directions changed. 
Where are we going from here?

You moved in slow motion,
2 steps ahead, 2 steps behind.
The created distance felt the same.

Full of doubts my feet shuffled back,
From our blurred finish line.
One of us, always a few steps behind, 
Never on the same track.

Now I look at you,
And the only thing left,
Is your faded silhouette.

©Copyright Jony Francissen



From Dark Comes Light

From dark comes light, without light there is no darkness.
True. But living life in dark, is definitely the hardest.
So live in the light, with love, and let’s be honest,
Only light, can drive out the dark, the world has harnessed.

Let us look to the light from Dr Martin Luther,
Who provided a dream, for over a million men to manoeuvre.
A million men sick of hate and torture,
Followed the words, of a boy from Georgia.

You could be a girl from Gedling, with a simple vision,
Or a boy from Basford on a peaceful mission,
Deliberately deciding to destroy the division,
Between the haves, and the have-nots, it just takes one decision.

Carry the light, from inside, with might.
Be you Black, Asian, Indian or White.
As long as the path you fight, is the light, it’s right.
Now look up to the sky and release your kite.

Fly your dream, with the wind of love, it will sail.
Beyond your imagination, like a dove or a pale. 
Use your imagination, and you will prevail.
If your kind and considerate, you will not fail.

Smile and laugh, for laughter is the cure,
Smile at every passer-by, you will feel the light for sure.
Simple acts of kindness can go a very along way.
To changing a person’s terrible morning, to a very strong day.

©Copyright Jamahl Peterkin




 Something old,
Something new,
Something borrowed,
Something blue.
Someone funny,
Someone kind,
Someone sexy
to blow my mind.
Someone charming,
Someone sweet,
Someone to sweep
me off my feet.
Someone special,
Someone true,
Someone amazing,
Just like you.

©Copyright Rachel Hobson



Monday morning my favourite time,
Crafting again, with friends of mine.
Creativity flowing with the passage of time,
What new, exciting project will be assigned.
Every week new and unique,
Will I hit gold, as inspiration strikes.
Oos and ahhs in the joy of completion,
Looking forward to my next Monday morning.
Excitement building with inspiration mounting,
I'm ready for more, my appetite expanding.

©Copyright Yasmine Hussain



Spring is now upon us

Spring is now upon us,
Those first clear mornings.
As the snowdrops are now rising,
The bird's orchestra is calling.

Life in the canvas of nature,
Helps to induce our reflection.
The start of Spring, invigorating,
Helps our quiet contemplation.

The yellow of the daffodils,
Growing wild in the woods,
Adding contrast to the trees,
A touch of colour to the mud.

Washing is hanging on the line,
Pegged out by an early riser,
And as the people walk their dogs,
Their moods are seeming much brighter.

There's a crispness in the air,
That tells us Spring is now approaching,
To rid us of all those dark nights,
That consumed us, all encroaching.

And with the greening of the grass,
The last trees are now unfurled,
Warmed by the sun, then rain,
Spring is arriving, uncurled.

©Copyright Steven Michael Pape



I Want Peace and Prosperity For All

I don't want the apathy you breed,
Or the cynicism you force on my neighbours.

I don't want the foul stench of your greed,
Rotting away my Community's spirit.

I don't want your false smiles,
And the lies that hide behind them.

I don't want the misery you created with your policies,
Or the way that you treat the vulnerable ones.

I want you to remove the yoke of slavery,
And realise that without us you'd have no wealth.

I want you to abide by the laws as we do,
Not just when it suits you.

I want you to realise that we have a collective responsibility,
That goes beyond caring just for humans.

I want you removed from power,
So that we can look after the majority - not the minority.

Most of all,
I want some peace and prosperity for all that live on the Earth.

©Copyright Villayat Sunkmanitu




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